Massage Products


The amazing massage wax

Here at Rougemont Therapy Centre, we only use the best massage mediums and have selected Songbird Wax. 

These waxes provide the perfect grip and glide for massage, enabling our therapist to maintain a more fluid and continuous movement whilst reading the muscles and contours of the body and their response to the massage. 

This enables the therapist to more accurately treat you and reduce the number of treatments that you require.

It also leaves your skin soft, supple and smelling great. 



They only use top quality natural ingredients.  Organic is not always possible, but wherever they can they do use organic.  For instance they use Fine AOP Lavender from a specific family farm in Haute 'd Alps in France for their Lavender Massage Wax, Lavender Reflexology Wax and Women's Blend. 

They visit the businesses and check specifications against the oils where they can. All companies that they buy from have to supply all certificates of analysis and accompanying specifications, and these are scrutinised for variation. The signing of the new EU regulation means they cannot use any oils that have been tested on animals and they have a non-GMO policy. 

Click here for the Natural Ingredients Assurance.


Now available to buy

We love Songbird Wax and so do our patients. Because we've been asked so many times by patients where they can buy it, we have now arranged to stock Songbird Wax products for resell.

If you would like to purchase any products then please speak to your therapist. Alternatively you can contact us by email to purchase online. 

Available from £9.99 for 100g