Candle Wax Massage


Close your eyes. Imagine yourself lying down, ready to receive a massage. Imagine now a thread of hot melted candle wax running through your body. This is candle massage, an American technique that won over the beauty clinics and that became a success.

This massage has as the concept stimulating the senses and uses a special wax prepared with essential and scented oils to provide relaxation. 



The candle massage isn’t just a moment of relaxation. 

The benefits are varied:

– Stress, fatigue and sleeplessness relief;
– Relief of the feeling of exhaustion;
– Relaxation;
– Promotion of the body’s general wellbeing.


The melted wax candle applied still warm on the body provides a relaxation and stress reduction. All of our candles are made of soy bean which melt at a lower temperature, which is just below body temperature when applied.

Soy candles are made from a combination of essential oils, as well as the dominating soybean oil. Essential oils are aptly named, and their qualities are endless! They burn a lot more slowly, which means they retain their scent for much longer, creating a long-lasting aroma meaning you’ll be sweet-smelling after your massage.