“A very friendly, warm welcome and relaxing environment. Iain was extremely professional and gave a detailed run down of the services he can provide and the benefits of each. My massage was tailored for my needs (heavy lifting and long hours of driving). After the massage Iain gave me some advise on how to prolong the effects of the massage. I will certainly be booking another massage soon. I would recommend this to anyone.”

 “Having suffered with back pain recently, I have to say this has got to have been one of the best massages where afterwards I felt like I was 20 again! Iain really knows his stuff and can pinpoint exactly where it hurts the most. On four occasions he has come to my house to save me the trip, and brought the most comfiest fold away     table you will ever lie on. All in all I am very happy with Rougemont Therapy and would recommend it to anyone.” 

“I have previously visited regarding pain I was experiencing in my lower back after the Drs had been unable to identify the cause. Iain was professional and welcoming upon my first visit and started by explaining potential causes of my pain. After the session the sin instantly felt better and Iain made some recommendations about how I could prevent the pain returning. After a few sessions and following his advice, the pain has eased completely. I would highly recommend his services as he is reasonably priced, professional and extremely friendly."

“I came to Iain with a bad back which had been ongoing for a few years, due to bad posture and over training as I play football every day of the week. At my first session he discovered the problem and talked me through the process we were going to go through. After a few sessions with Iain my back felt 100% better and I couldn't fault him, would highly recommend.” 

"I visited Iain yesterday for my first reflexology session. I am a  Police Firearms Officer so not only do I spend 12hr shifts in heavy boots but I spend a lot of time in the gym to maintain the required fitness levels.

Iain talked me through his plan for the session  and asked if I had any concerns or problems with my feet that I would like him to concentrate on.  I explained that I have had a lot of aching in my heel arches particularly when running.
Iain noted that I had tension in the Plantia Fascia of both feet but particularly in my left foot. He explained where the Plantia Fascia runs in the foot and said it can get tight and cause pain in the heel arch. He concentrated on this area and I could feel the tension begin to  ease. He asked about my posture and if my knees rolled inwards when I stand. I confirmed I had noticed this when squatting in the gym and had  tried to correct it myself.  He explained this was often a result of tight Placia Fascia causing the foot to roll inwards causing a roll on effect up the legs. He talked me through an exercise i could try using a  bottle filled with ice or a tennis ball to massage the foot and loosen off the Placia Fascia.
This is definitely something I would do again and i am keen to see if the exercises help ease the pain in my feet.
Iain was very knowledgable and explained things to me in a way i would  understand easily. I felt relaxed throughout the appointment and  confident in his abilities."

" I Just wanted to pass on my feedback with regards to the reflexology I received from Ian on Tuesday 14th. I can honestly say the professional manner is that of which relaxes you to start with. I am not a fan of people touching my feet, however Ian  made me feel comfortable and relaxed enough to let him do so.

Ian took me through my pre-treatment consultation. Unfortunately I could not offer much in terms of health related issues to pick up on during  the treatment. Ian made sure there was nothing to be aware of and proceeded with the therapy.

Ian picked up on that I had just eaten and I do suffer from indigestion regularly. This was due to a hard spot relating to my small intestine.

During the treatment Ian noted my eczema on one of my feet. Ian offered a solution to ease this by using a charcoal soap on my feet to clear it up. This is something I shall try and report back in my next treatment. The treatment left my feet feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Something I have not experienced before.

Since the treatment the muscles in my feet are less tense. As well as the muscles in my lower legs. 

In my personal opinion there is nothing that could have gone better with the actual reflexology. 

Possibly a recommendation of further treatments ?

Overall I am very please with the reflexology I received and shall be returning without a doubt."