Corporate Massage Services


Why would I?

Backaches, increased stress, insomnia, blood pressure, etc. are all side effects of taking on tension about work and figuring out how to balance out family and work pressures. But there is a fantastic solution and its corporate massages.

So why don't you let your team know that you value them by offering in-house massage session. Research has shown that just 15-30 minutes of in-chair massage per week can:  

  • Boost concentration levels 
  • Reduce stress 
  • Improve sleep patterns 
  • Relieve muscle tension and headaches 

Rougemont Therapy Centre offers in-chair massage sessions at your premises, minimising lost productivity time whilst still providing all of the benefits listed above.


What is a Corporate Massage?

This type of massage is also known as a seated chair massage and it is a professional service provided by a qualified massage practitioner. 

This massage is performed on an economically designed massage chair that is both appropriate and convenient for the workplace.  This type of massage does not require you to remove any clothing as no massage oils are used (except on the feet and hands where moisturiser is used), allowing you to go straight back to work afterwards, fully relaxed.

The massage uses many different techniques and methods to increase energy, reduce stress, reduce fatigue and muscle pains. The therapist typically offers 10, 20 & 30 minute treatments, which is focused on the arms, back neck and shoulder; as well as the hands and feet.


Why provide massages for your staff?

Research has consistently proven that massages can help relieve the stress, tensions and fatigue caused through work and family life. So why not get the best out of your team, by reducing all of these factors through a regular massage session.

These regular sessions are ideal for:

  • Employee Reward Schemes
  • Parties
  • Periods of increased stress/deadlines
  • Employee training seminars
  • Health and Wellbeing Programmes 

So how does it work?

You can book one of our therapists for either a half or full day session by contacting us by phone or email; our therapist will bring along a specialist massage chair and any other required equipment. 

All that you (the employer) need to do is:

  • Provide a private room for the massages
  • Hand washing facilities for the therapist
  • Promote the day to your staff and schedule the individual massage times.

Some of our clients choose to charge individual staff a fee for their massage, in these cases this is the sole responsibility of the company to administer. 

Fee Structure

Our Corporate Massage Sessions are based on 4 hour sessions (i.e. a Half Day) and can be booked as either a half or full day (with a 30 minute lunch break). The charge is £250 per half day session.

Payment is via an on-line PayPal invoice and full payment is required within 72 hours of booking to secure the session.

This service can be provided within approximately 30 miles of Basingstoke, the following additional travel expenses apply:-

  • <5 miles of Clinic - no charge 
  • 5-9 miles of Clinic - £10
  • 10-19 miles of Clinic - £20
  • 20-29 miles of Clinic - £30
  • 30+ miles of Clinic - subject to pre-agreed charge